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  1. Last edited: Today at 5:44 AM ~`~@ @~`~ Avatars Radio - Radio of the Avatar. ~`~@ @~``~@ @~`~ High Priestess of Chaos - Wielder of the Spoon! ~`~@ @~`~ <<DBAD>> - Church of the Dark Star motto - <<DBAD>> ~`~@@~`~Avatars Radio Patronage~`~@@~`~
  2. until
    More information to be posted later. Reserving date and time
  3. until
    I Winfield of PaxLair, our citizens, and many friends would be honored by your presence at our Holiday Party in Novia. You may also watch live streams and participate in Discord. Saturday, Dec 17, 2016 at 12 PM (noon) CST to 3 PM CST and beyond In game - Shroud of the Avatar Area: PaxLair (POT_forest_metropolis_01_template/PaxLair) Loc: (284.0, 36.0, 405.6) PaxLair Water Keep Lot in the Bay Pre-event event at 11 PM CST: CHAOS Sermon by Amber Raine at the PaxLair Water Keep Lot SotA Forums Thread: Live Streams and Live Chat Rooms - – Lazarus Long Twitch Stream oStream URL: oNBNN discord: oLazarus says he is going to use some new video and hangout technology too, so we will be prepared. - - PaxLair Discord -TeamSpeak: (Pax et Veritas team speak server) Many simultaneous fairground events at the PaxLair Keep in the Bay Area: PaxLair (POT_forest_metropolis_01_template/PaxLair) Loc: (284.0, 36.0, 405.6) -Speech by Winfield at noon kick-off – also voiced on audio and twitch streams -Historical guest sign in book -Pet Races with storyline created by Womby and historic registration book -Flash Mob one-man-band, bagpipes -Large sack of free presents -Pax et Amici Vendor area – vendors from multiple guilds/POTs -Battle of the Bands on stage -Holiday Photo Booth with Snowmen Family -NBNN roving reporters throughout the event Feel free to visit anytime. The Keep lot is decorated and our downtown is in ruins! Oh my (storyline in the makings)! Sincerely and Dragonspeed! FISH! Winfield
  4. Our current housing list If you believe you should be on the below list. Do not fret, merely get in touch with the city manager and all will be made well. The following table is edited with an offline spreadsheet called BuildingPlan. Do not edit directly on this wiki page. Forum Name Char name Section of town Lot # Lot Size Intended use Guild? Notes and Comments Winmere Winmere C1 City Personal - PaxLair Citizens C3 City Water Kit Kimberlin Kit Kimberlin C4 City PaxLair Grand Hotel PaxLair Citizens Siouxsie Siouxsie T3 Town Water Houseboat PaxLair Citizens nilocortex Terra Thrane T5 Town Aethervision Curgon Curgon T6 Town House of LaMora Guildhouse House of LaMora Gaelis Trajan Gaelis Trajan T7 Town Commerce - PaxLair Furniture Shop 4B AmberRaine Amber Raine T8 Town Church of Chaos Unknown Mariah T9 Town PaxLair Citizens Winfield Winfield T10 Town Fishing with Winfield PaxLair Citizens Unknown Lauren T11 Town Personal - PaxLair Citizens Unknown Fargo Blackheart R1 Row Commerce - Alchemy shoppe PaxLair Citizens Unknown Robert Brightstar R2 Row home/crat PaxLair Citizens Karralanth Karralanth R6 Row Personal - ODF Aramathia Aramathia R8 Row Personal - PaxLair Citizens Alarion Cuwe Silvertongue R9 Row Personal - PaxLair et Amor korus korus R15 Row Personal Womby Womby R16 Row BookShop, The Caverns offices The Caverns Duke Violation Duke Violation R21 Row Embassy OoV Vallas Vallas R22 Row Embassy The Bear Tavern WrathPhoenix WrathPhoenix R23 Row Embassy Phoenix Republic Unknown White Witch R24 Row Embassy Witch Craft Noctiflora Myrina Moonflower R52 Row Pax et Amor Winmere Winmere V1 Village PaxLair Citizens Redbone Murdoch Redbone T2 Town Personal - Viking house PaxLair Citizens Engel Engel V12 Village Water Personal - Lighthouse on bay PaxLair Citizens Unknown Tehan V15 Village Personal - PaxLair Citizens sborax Sir MarK II V22 Village Personal - PaxLair Citizens Grimlar Mithrax Grimlar Mithrax V32 Village Personal PaxLair Guard Phoenix Phoenix DuBois V33 Village PaxLair Citizens Eternal Knight Eternal Knight V38 Village Personal - Up on ridge overlooking Lake Order of Vengeance Neo Of Lothlore Neo Of Lothlore V39 Village PaxLair Citizens Ashlynn [PAX] Ashlynn V52 Village village lot from Sean PaxLair Citizens badger II paxlair badger II paxlair V53 Village Personal - PaxLair Citizens Unknown Nya Kadar V54 Village Personal - PaxLair Citizens Dragonsheart7 Saba Kadar V55 Village Personal - PaxLair Citizens Themicles Tess Thiense V57 Village Personal - PaxLair Citizens Speranza Victor V59 Village Personal - PaxLair Citizens Matterio Matterio V62 Village Personal - PaxLair Citizens Stryker Sparhawk Stryker Sparhwak V63 Village water Personal - Lighthouse spot PaxLair Citizens Cassyr Dubois Cassyr Dubois V63 Village Personal - Blacksmith PaxLair Citizens Sean Silverfoot Sean Silverfoot V66 Village Personal - Fish Hook Island Pax et Amor Unknown V67 Village Unknown V68 Village
  5. PaxLair - March 2016 as reflected by Winfield's efforts on
  6. R32 view of Mad Mage's island keep and town lighthouses are finally up
  7. Best view ever from an outhouse. Sitting on the edge of a cliff under a huge old Yew Tree
  8. Isn't PaxLair City just PaxLair? What is the difference?!?
  9. Does Paxlair City have it's own guilds?
  10. Some of the early maps of PaxLair including both static and dynamic versions.
  11. PaxLair's google calender is now being streamed here. I will endevor to ad Avatars Circle total calender also.