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  1. k , thanks, I did get all them loaded had to goto mcdonalds lol
  2. Hi ,loading the next release, seems to be several gig in size, anything im missing like a download site that is faster or where the files are zipped or something? thanks, Murdock
  4. Hi, ok so I uninstalled all of sota and reinstalled (took forever) got to patch 449 yesterday and it finished but didn't click launch game (doubt that part matters) now this morning it wont load patch 450, it just sits there at 0 % ** I was able to run the game when went into the shroud of the avatar folder and clicked on the shroud of the avatar.exe but the shortcut that runs the launcher and the shroud of the avatar-launcher.exe do not run the update ,,,, any ideas ?? ******************* NEVERMIND ITS WORKING NOW UGHHHHH ********************** thanks
  5. one in Brittany wharf area , thanks Falbala
  6. has anyone seen any in game? , I want to look at them etc, (town name and general area of the map please) I looked in hometown but didn't see any thanks
  7. how about a buy/sell/trade thread lots of houses , addons etc im assuming at startup and beyond etc
  8. hi is this new release today a wipe also?
  9. thanks, makes sense, also I like my Viking house and the rats
  10. Hi, wast sure where to post this , but I see reminders about meltdowns before wipes what exactly does this mean, can you save certain things and put into bank and have them after wipe??? or something?? thanks, Murdock