<SOC>1-3NBT Prism Presents a Fishing Derby in Diamond Fields for the Trevor Project


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Event details

See the forums at: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/6-3-17-1pm-3pm-nbt-prism-presents-a-fishing-derby-for-the-trevor-project.90782/


6 color coded checkpoints
Must get a pass from each 'color' to win.
Fishing limited to the platform areas so understand about fished out areas
No fishing on shores or outlying areas, its meant to compete for fish in some areas.
Fishing Merchant on the docks for poles and bait.

1st Place 20 cotos
2nd Place 10 cotos
3rd Place 5 cotos

4 Random winners of Pax Ring Artifacts (please only folks that don't already have one)

At least one GM teacher that will allow folks to groupfor mentoring, we welcome spectator GM Fishers to mentor others.

I need a total of 6 platform judges to verify the incoming fishes and had out success passes. Each judge will receive 5 cotos or 5 dollars store credit for their aid. You must volunteer ahead of time for this, and will be required to wear a specific colored outfit as shown in picture above. I have 4 Judges so far, NEED 2 more please.

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