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Tis no defining what I write.

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Continued site work

Continued to add more options and paths for information. We;ve added a Memer Map function. This where users can show others approximately come from. No need to put in exact addresses, just general area.

We've been able to embed the town maps from These are fully functional, live updating maps. You will be able to see each borough, all POI's, all lots with info on you lives there and what lots are open. A great tool brought to the SOTA world by Jacob White. You can visit his site SOTAMAP.COM, here can can see any of the towns in No0via that have chosen to include their information.

We now have, in a beta type state, the ability broadcast our weekly meetings and other things like a weekly news show or podcasts. PaxLair Voice uses a combination of TeamSpeak and a IP address to make this happen. We need to give scroda, The Sea Nymph Grotto Steward, for all his efforts on this.

We also have the question / answer forum going, so if you have any questions or answers, please participate!



PaxLair City site

  Been thinking about starting this site for a number of years, but it always seemed that our current means of contact/information was handled by the existing PaxLair and SOTA forums.

It has come to the point that we need to have our own space for historical reference and identity. The main PaxLair site is very centered around Ultima Online and rightly so with our 18+ year history with it. The SOTA forums doesn't help with private conversations limited to 5,

Here we have all sorts of tools to stay in communication and to keep us organized

Access to TeamSpeak servers, Image Gallery, blogs.

Calendar feed from all known SOTA calenders.

Ability to listen to our weekly PaxLair meeting live, outside TS via internet & in game radio!

One spot communication with all the boroughs of PaxLair.

So what am I looking for from all of you? Use this site to help collect and record the history of PaxLair City and all it's boroughs during our time in New Britannia.



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